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If you’re wondering what this assorted collection of works in progress all about, the quick answer is that you are viewing the evolutionary thought process of one man’s interpretations as we move forward in this ever changing industry. While many people focus on the Dot Com implosion, the incredible successes engineered by Ebay and Google during that time frame seem overlooked. What is also forgotten is that the Dot Com meltdown paled in comparison to the bloodbath that occurred during that same time in the telecommunications industry – and it isn’t over yet.

But there is more to the story than the business and technological aspects, it is the net effect this transformation is having on our society that can be so fascinating. The way we communicate, get our information delivered to us, the foundations that we grew up believing would be with us forever, these things are all rapidly changing and what will replace them is a mystery to us all.

From time to time, as the news merits, I will try to sort it all out, from my perspective and present you with a completely different viewpoint for your analysis. I do not claim to have any special ability in seeing the future but I do believe that handwriting in clearly written on the wall for those who choose to read it. It is the potential benefit of the communications aspect that excite me (What, you noticed?) and I hope to continue bringing you this perspective, one not owned by any particular concern, for you to weigh against your beliefs and provoke your thoughts as best I am able.

Ken DiPietro reads voraciously and writes sporadically from his home in Western Maryland. The opinions expressed in this blog are an attempt by the author to comprehend and explain the interesting times we live in and are presented as a view of the world from a non-conventional perspective. Thanks for stopping by.

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