If you’re like most of us, you’re all but drowning in too much information, well, no, not information really, a cry to get someone else’s crap into your focus. We all know the advertisers do this, hell, they’ve been doing this for longer than anyone here has been alive but there’s something new, something insidious happening here, something that could be quite literally dangerous, if we let it continue.

They crazy people are being given the pulpit.

There was a time when that guy (You know that guy, right? Everyone knows that guy.) who stood on the corner with a handmade cardboard sign claiming that the world was coming to an end on Tuesday (even though he never said which Tuesday which, come to think about it, still gives him a one in seven chance of being right) was largely ignored. At best he managed to collect a passing disbelieving stare or the ridicule of a few children – but that was it.

Not today, nope – now this guy is a political commentator, probably with his own radio show or at least regular guest appearances on one TV show or another. We’ve reached an age where instead of marginalizing the lunatic fringe, we are embracing them, inviting them into our homes (figuratively, to be sure) and holding their opinions up to the same standards we seem to apply to scientists.

Wait. Scientists? Well, those that believe in the evolutionism are just part of that religion. And the rest of us, well, don’t you worry, this is a country where the majority rules and we can simply vote that nasty evolution out of our sight.

Courtesy of Pew Research

Courtesy of Pew Research

We are interviewing people who will stare straight into the camera and tell you that they don’t want government involved with their Medicaid/Medicare. We see has been TV actors getting exposure on prime-time television shows and saying, “I’ve been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No.” and this is allowed to stand without the ridicule that is justly deserves.

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This isn’t a free speech issue and this is not something that the government should regulate. This is an issue where each and every one of us is required to be an active participant in the running of our country.

You have a right to say anything you want and make as big a jackass as you can out of yourself – and too many Americans have sacrificed too much to allow you to keep that right. At the same time, I too have a right, the right to deride and mercilessly mock you for publicly saying something so stupid that any decent human being wouldn’t let their face see the light of day for the rest of their lives after committing such a stupidity.

This isn’t a Democrat/Republican issue, it isn’t a conservative/liberal issue, it is the rational, intelligent versus the lunatic fringe contest – and many of us are concerned that they are winning.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out who is “us” and who is “them” hopefully before it’s too late.

Because, in the words of our previous Commander In Chief, “You’re either with us or against us .” even though, admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to tell the sides apart.

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