For many of us hard core users of the Internet it comes as no shock that having a reliable, high-speed Internet connection can improve the quality of life. Many of us use our connectivity to stream music, watch video content that is unavailable in the mainstream media, learn, research and communicate with people from all over the world – all things we probably could not afford to do (if they were even possible to accomplish) using “traditional” methods.

Finally, we have a report that clearly shows the interdependence of this service to an enriched lifestyle. Released yesterday (April 19, 2005) at Yahoo!’s “It’s a Broadband Life” summit held at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York this report highlights how consumers are using their connectivity to improve the quality of the lives. I thought this article did an excellent job of highlighting the topic and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for more information on this study.

From streaming music across the Internet (instead of using a radio) to reading their news online (Google news anyone?) right through the soon to be ubiquitous availability of IPTV, things are changing and changing quickly. We no longer wait for the top of the hour to catch the news or weather, the information is available anytime we want it. Instead of watching television news, waiting for the one story I am interested is seeing, I can zero in on exactly what I want, when I want it. I can see videos, still pictures or just read the text – my choice – no graphic imagery if I choose not to view it, unlike the TV news networks that seem to fight over how much gore they can slam down our throats in an attempt to grab ratings.

Even better, I don’t have to listen to the carefully scripted slant of the story. I can choose to read several sites, browse the pictures, and discuss the issues with my peers instead of having the content “spoonfed” to me – try that with FoxNews!

At any given moment I have a complete library of almost anything I could want to know, any subject is available to me at a moment’s notice, cataloged for me in any one of two dozen ways and probably available at the level I need – from beginner to expert – it’s all there, all the time just for the asking.

This holds true for shopping, all kinds of shopping lined up in order by price, availability and with a way of comparing consumer opinions if I want them. I can click, order and have any number of products shipped right to my door without ever having to drive anywhere. No crowds, no problems parking and never the issue of having to deal with the weather – something that in the middle of the winter, here in northern Vermont is a blessing.

If you’re reading this, you probably had already figured this all out by now for yourself but now there is a study that confirms what you already knew.

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