Since our initial wireless experiments didn’t provide the results we were looking for (and we were already paying for our connection) we decided to order a pair of back to back SDSL modems and a BANA circuit so we could give SDSL a try.

It took Verizon roughly two weeks to get the BANA circuit installed. We arrived at the customer site and spent more than an hour looking for the connection. As this was a large automobile dealership there was a 4’ X 8’ sheet of plywood hung on the wall where all their telephone wiring was located. After more than an hour we had to call the Verizon technician back to the site to show us where they had brought to wires to. Incredibly enough the circuit was installed behind a floor to ceiling set of shelves that took two people to move.

We went right to work and installed the Elastic Network modem on the customer end (there was already the other end of the pair installed back at our frame) and powered it up. After training for roughly one minute the modem synched up and we had a connection. But all was not well, the connection would only pass about 50Kbps of real throughput. We were told by Verizon that the length of the circuit was too long.

Reluctantly, we canceled the circuit and refunded the customer’s money.

The next customer we had lined up was two blocks from us and their circuit was installed a few days later. This time the circuit ended up right where the telephone wiring was in the building. (Of course, this might have had something to do with me being there when the technician arrived.)

This time, when the modems synched up we were able to move 4Mbps across the circuit, which was pretty good considering that we only had a 384Kbps connection to the net.

We were thrilled our first customer was online. The feeling of victory reminded me of the first time I fixed a dead car and got it running. What a rush!

Even better, when one of the tenants who had an office upstairs in the building saw the service he signed up too! This allowed us to bill two customers from one BANA circuit. I love MTUs.

Within a month we had four more SDSL customers and we were getting closer to a point where our connection was generating as much as Verizon was billing us.

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